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An effortless collection of top school apps, at a fraction of their price. All for you. Because academia is no picnic.

Write flawless papers

Conduct better research

Manage your budget

Get focused and productive

Cram for exams faster

Balance life and studies

Get Superb apps for studies and research

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Your supervisor will weep with joy over your papers

Apps for academic writing

With Setapp, style guides are no longer your enemy. Use Manuscripts to arrange chapters and references in a blink, fitting every requirement and submitting a perfect paper. Select the right info with Studies, a digital pocket where you can store relevant articles, images, lecture notes, and cool facts on every subject. And note it all down in Ulysses — a professional writing app for those reaction papers you can’t squeeze out of your head. It has rich editing and a completely distraction-free interface.

Tracking experiments will rekindle your love for science

Apps for research

Your research is only as good as its protocols, yet keeping them in order is notoriously hard. Setapp has Findings for the job: an app made specifically for field research and experiments. Physics or sociology, Findings has tools for quick and precise research tracking. And for when you need to keep record of everything you do without wasting time on files, folders, and editing, there’s TaskPaper — a plain text note keeper and task manager.

You’ll learn to multitask the hell out of your day

Apps for productivity

Yeah, yeah, multitasking is a myth. But one can dream, and try, and partially succeed. Dealing with a bunch of tasks and staying focused is easier when you have this trio: Noizio to shut out distractions with ambient sounds; Be Focused to schedule your day according to the goals you’ve set and finish work on time; 2Do to break large projects into small, actionable tasks and thus constantly get things done.

Be Focused
You’ll never lose a file again

Apps for data recovery and backup

Who hasn’t woken up in cold sweat from a deleted thesis nightmare? It’s only too common of a problem to brush it off as something that happens to other people. Stay safe with ultra-secure Get Backup Pro and retrieve any file from any device, including phones, USB sticks, and SD cards, with Disk Drill.

Disk Drill
Get Backup Pro
And get your stuff together, moneywise

Apps for budgeting

This budgeting app makes your student life a whole lot better. Since money matters are a bore, you can get MoneyWiz or Chronicle to deal with them for you. Let the app be your personal student budget planner and remind you what and when to pay, as well as give expense predictions. You’ll never miss another bill and will easily keep track of all spendings. A penny saved is a penny earned, amIright? Plus, with Setapp education pricing, getting all these apps is a no brainer.

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