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I hope this blog will provide you with some inspiration for 2020!


Below we feature 6 campaigns that have seriously worked in the past 2 months.

To run a truly successful marketing campaign, you need a dedicated team to deliver the results. Everything needs to work in harmony:

  • Having a stretch sales target (forecasting success)
  • Knowing exactly where you think the extra sales will come from
  • Identify the best digital marketing channels for your audience
  • Knowing how many website visitors you need to hit target
  • Great creative which is consistently promoted online
  • Regular & Intense Monitoring to know what is working and what is not

I’m really proud of the latest work from our awesome team at ROI:


Christmas in a Box Campaign

As featured on Channel 9! See here

RECORD 🥇 Year on Year Sales Increase 

Fabulous Catering has been a great and loyal client of ROI for over 10 years.


What worked:
 Brilliant product idea from the team at Fabulous Catering
 2 step landing page, converting at 20% +
 Cut through messaging with min price point in the ad copy


Burgess Rawson 100% Success Rate

$78 Million in Sales 💰

Read about the results of our work:

7-Eleven nets $78 million from sell-off of 15 service stations

What worked:
✔ Great product & sales performance
✔ High converting feature campaign web page
✔ Accelerated re-marketing close to auction time
✔ Targeted & diverse keyword selection which matched buyer profile


Retail Black Friday Sales

334% Sales Increase 💰

Year on Year for Black Friday! 


What worked:
✔ Facebook targeting to any user which had added a product to their shopping cart the last 180 days
✔ Facebook targeting of anyone that had viewed selected products on their website the past 180 days, with targeted message and limited offer
✔ Sticky Footer on the website with clear messaging


Luxury Property Campaign

$350k above reserve 🏠

See the Multi Million property here…


What worked:
✔ Great brief from agent anticipating what profile of buyer would buy the property (created competition)
✔ Weekly campaign reviews on which audiences had highest % of repeat visitation
✔ Facebook to reach new audiences, google re-marketing to convert into active buyers


Black Friday Campaign

Biggest Sales Results

Year on Year for Black Friday Campaigns



What worked:
✔ Great product planning by the team at Buy Direct Online
✔ Segmenting B2B from B2C audiences to increase average order value
✔ Intense email messaging & updates over a 72 hour period


FOMO Marketing Campaign


Warehouse stock sales increased in just 5 days 💸

See the Limited Stock Landing Page here…


What worked:
✔ FOMO email & facebook re-targeting campaign
✔ FOMO High converting landing page
✔ Sales segmenting leads by delivery date



Do you want to accelerate the sales of your business in 2020?

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